Aluminum Products

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More than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing aluminium carpentry and metalwork.


Folding or hinged doors

Designed for the home, the most suitable and safe solution.

Swing or folding doors are the most used. They are characterized by hinges at one end of the sheet. The lock is located half way up and on the opposite end of the hinges. The location of the lock allows you to open or close a door of a sheet easily without effort.

The doors are designed to fit in all tastes and needs. With a wide range of models for our high quality demanding customers.

  • Easy handling
  • Economic price
  • 1 or 2 doors

Sliding doors

The more comfortable opening, with materials of quality together with a modern aesthetic

The sliding doors are ideal for saving space in the home. With large openings live without barriers our sliding doors meet the advantages of great comfort, a simple opening system and the maximum area of glazing.

The perfect option that allows the entrance of light from the outside to the inside of the House and give a sense of spaciousness.

  • Lift sliding doors
  • Parallel sliding doors
  • Sliding doors with visible guides
  • Sliding doors with hidden guides

Automatic pedestrian doors

Designed to meet all needs and all types of pedestrian entrances

Sliding automatic pedestrian doors are designed to cover all needs and all types of pedestrian entrances. We especially care about aspects of design, aesthetics, comfort and accessibility.

Our operators for automatic doors of glass stand out for their reliability and robustness, while maintaining its precision of movement and sensation of silence.

  • We adapt to your needs

We have a wide range of profiles and types of enclosures to suit any work and project. Since doors with glass nude allow full visibility, to doors with frames compact and tight, with energy efficiency; for emergency exits and panic doors. In compliance with the European standard in 16361.

Gates automatic pedestrian doors

Aesthetic and created thinking on ensuring inputs and accessibility solutions

The range of automatic doors of crosswalk have very aesthetic forms and have been created thinking on ensuring inputs and complete accessibility solutions.

We cover any need to automate Swing Gates already existing as new installation in small hollows.

  • Articulated arm (opening counterclockwise at the operator’s position). Its placement requires a minimum height of 120 mm.
  • Rigid arm (opening in the direction of the operator’s position). Its placement requires a minimum height of threshold of 150 mm.
  • For cases of low-altitude of the lintel there is the possibility of placing the operator on the same sheet. For swing double the connection between the two operators is done by a cable provided for this purpose that synchronizes the system “master-slave”.

Automatic roller doors

The widest range of doors shutters for all requirements

We have the widest range of roller doors for all kinds of commercial premises, houses, garages and industrial buildings.

Wide variety of models of lama of different sizes and features: die-cut, micro-perforated, ventilated… Specific solutions for each project and particular needs (visibility, security, elegance…)

We have a wide range of soft and stylish guides, including models with possibility to accommodate double box office release.

  • Slats with a micro perforation that allows a complete view of the local without sacrificing security
  • Models with profiled aluminium-filled polyurethane in the case of the LP75C
  • Model equipped with the exclusive self-locking jonquil which prevents the external opening of the door

Sectional doors

Doors that bring together beauty, personality, safety, comfort and practicality

Each sectional door respects all safety regulations and provides a range of security as standard equipment.

In fact, each creation is the result of a highly qualified process: from design, made with instruments for the verification of each piece in order to analyse and verify the quality and security.

We manufacture under standard UNE EN 13241-1. Protections anti breakage of springs and cables, they prevent the door to fall under any cause.

  • Quality
  • Standards and certifications
  • Design
  • Ease of use

Automatic swing gates and sliding doors

A product that combines quality, innovation and practicality

Our doors in aluminium are a product that combines quality, innovation and practicality, because due to the way that made them cut your maintenance increase security.

They are made in profiles of 80 mm extruded aluminium perimeter frame with four sturdy cast aluminium with bearing upper and lower brackets.

Throughout our career we have specialized in completely handcrafted hinged and sliding doors taking care to detail the needs and tastes of our customers. Thanks to the commitment with the quality and the excellent results in the work we do, we have become as a reference in the sector of Canary.


Casement windows

Specially designed to change home interiors, casement windows are the most suitable and safety solution for your needs.

Casement windows systems provide thermal and acoustic insulation and facilitate the ventilation and cleaning of the glass elements.

We have a wide range of colours, textures and models, designed to fit into all kind of preferences and needs.

  • Easy handling
  • Affordable price
  • Windows of 1, 2 or more sheets

Sliding windows

Convenient opening, with quality materials combined with a modern aesthetic

Sliding windows have the advantage that no space opening . Its modern designs attached to the quality of the profiles guarantee smooth and silent sliding.

  • Ideal for large windows
  • Maximum exterior views
  • At the opening , there is lost interior space
  • Sliding windows 1 and 1 fixed blade inserted
  • Sliding windows 2 or 3 sheets

We have a wide range of models of lamas, drawers, guides and accessories whose infinite combination possibilities make it possible to create a shade for every need…

Aware of that functionality is not incompatible with the aesthetics, we have the most extensive colour chart of the market for aluminium profiling and multiple options for the finish of the extruded aluminium.

In this way, we get homogeneous sets of blind finishes, although its different components are of different materials.

You have the possibility of complementing your blinds with Luxe Coating special treatments, which increase the thermal insulation of aluminium or its resistance to UV rays and corrosion.


Drag systems

Electromechanical systems of chain, ideal for sectional and overhead doors.

Engine doors

Electromechanical gearmotors for Swing Gates of up to max 5 meters in length.

Sliding door motors

Electromechanical gearmotors for sliding gates up to 1200 kg of weight.

Remotes (emitters)

Remotes with rolling code, frequency 433.92 Mhz. 2-channel with copy functionality code.